Meet the Prosultant®

Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.

J.M. Barrie

Hi, I'm George, a retired management consultant and business capability leader turned software and AI engineer and author-creator of the Prosultant® Network of websites:

My past roles include:

  • Sr. Advisor, The ROIG Group
  • Capability Leader, Accenture
  • Director, Best Buy
  • Partner, Ernst & Young

After graduating from the University of Missouri at Columbia with an accounting degree, my early career included system analyst roles at:

  • McDonnell-Douglas (now Boeing)
  • Ralston Purina (now Nestlé)

Why I Created the Prosultant® Network?

Many organizations haven't realized three critical needs for increasing performance and value.

1. Improve Relationships Between Business and IT

I created the Prosultant® Network for business professionals to successfully engage, navigate, and influence technology projects and avoid the quagmire often associated with those projects. It's not another methodology. Instead, it's a framework of business thinking, organizing, behavior, and action, aka TOBA™, to successfully achieve project and business capability outcomes.

Prosultant® is a compilation of my project and business capability experience, supplemented by industry research.

Whether you're a business professional seeking a higher degree of engagement and influence on technology projects or an IS team member wanting to elevate the quality of project outcomes, Prosultant® provides the know-how to achieve your goals.

My first customer was the Manager of Labor Accounting at McDonnell Aircraft Company (now part of Boeing.) He was a crusty, seasoned individual who did not want anything to do with our internal IS department, Department 35, Systems & Procedures. Fresh from college, my job was to gain his trust and cooperation in supporting his business needs so we could succeed.

Forty+ years later, I still encounter business professionals who want nothing to do with their internal IS groups.

Capability Thinking® solves the three vital needs above by instilling differentiating masteries, principles, and disciplines in capability teams embedded in business operations, not IT.

A Unique Professional Perspective

The Prosultant® Network is an aggregation of thinking, organizing, behaving, and acting disciplines based on my experiences and lessons learned from:

Most of those 600+ assignments delivered successful outcomes. A handful were not so successful.

Failure is part of learning and progressing.

A Varied Amateur Perspective

Embrace amateur passions to invigorate your professional career.

My amateur interests and experiences have included:

One of my doodles 🙂