Increase the Performance and Value of Your Technology Investments

A Prosultant® has the following traits:

A Prosultant® has the innate ability to understand, relate to, and positively influence people.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."



(A) Prosultant® delivers differentiating and impactful project and capability know-how to help non-technical business professionals increase the performance and value of technology investments.

Prosultant® Body of Knowledge (BoK)

The Prosultant® BoK, accessed using Consultant-in-a-Box®, delivers what you and your business teams need to know to achieve successful application software project outcomes, create, accelerate, and evolve industry-leading business capabilities, and optimize vendor solution investments.

The BoK supports non-technical business teams on a variety of project-related critical success factors, including:

Unleash the Talent and Creativity of Business Teams to Increase Technology ROI

Our BoK is designed using an Accelerated Business Learning Environment (ABLE™).

Why ABLE™?

ABLE is an approach to delivering just-in-time know-how and guidance.

  • It blends transformative, experiential, and self-directed learning principles with rapid development tools and environments.
  • It supports business professionals in simultaneously learning and excelling at their roles while doing the do rather than participating in unproductive one-and-done learning-ware and class-ware that become shelfware.
  • It establishes low-cost, high-performance, and less invasive global knowledge platforms.

The Prosultant® BoK helps you and your business teams excel across three application software investment opportunities.

Increase Performance and Value of Application Software Investments

Eliminate project fiascos, rethink traditional project approaches, and create and agilely extend differentiating and impactful business capabilities by pivoting from project to Capability Thinking® .

Capability Thinking® is an unconventional approach to increasing technology project and business capability performance and value.

  •  ​It includes a framework of 20 business capability disciplines to increase the performance and value of technology investments.
  • It's a path to achieve differentiating and industry-leading business capabilities.

Use our BoK's Capability Thinking® to create and extend industry-leading business capabilities agilely.

  • Embed Business Capability teams in business operations.
  • Pivot from project to Capability Thinking®: Shift ownership of technology investment, project, and capability life cycle processes from IT to business teams.
  • Increase business team ownership, engagement, and influence on technology projects by embracing Capability Thinking®.
Understand Project Fundamentals

Educate business team members before their project engagement begins using our Master Checklists.

Increase business team engagement and influence on technology projects.

  • Use the checklists to orient and educate business team members on technology projects and as an ongoing guide to reduce project failure risks.

Unfortunately, many organizations and teams consistently succumb to conventional thinking and everyday circumstances that trigger project trouble and failure.

"We know why projects fail, we know how to prevent their failure -- so why do they still fail?"
Martin Cobb, Former Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Evaluate and Select Vendor Software Successfully

Optimize vendor software decisions: Broaden vendor selection decision frameworks to include more than software criteria.

  •  ​Vendor service, support, security, sustainability, innovation, cultural fit, experience, capability extension, and partnerial thinking are crucial solution elements that teams must assess during decision processes.

Tap our BoK's Evaluate and Select Vendor Software to use an enhanced traditional RFP or an agile non-RFP (Request for Proposal) approach to accelerate business outcomes.

Increase the Productivity of Your Project, Technology, and Business Capability Investments by 10X.

Increase Performance and Value by 10X? Seriously?

By practicing Capability Thinking®, organizations can unlock the potential of their teams and foster their creativity. This approach is based on trust and leverages emerging trends in the workforce, technology, and learning.

  • Trust is a valuable currency that must be earned, but it can significantly reduce non-value-added activities and time consumption when it is present.
  • Business teams are genuinely empowered to manage their missions and achieve impactful outcomes through team member roles and policy versatility -- complete actions with minimal organizational intervention, friction, and review.

Critical tenets of Capability Thinking® include:

  • Recruit agile thinkers -- those professionals who can agilely traverse strategic to tactical thinking and action.
  • Retain, rotate, recognize, and reward them frequently.
  • Refresh and nurture their know-how continuously using on-demand, virtual bodies of knowledge (BoKs) and peer organization engagement.
  • Empower them and their teams as they earn trust -- freeing them from organizational policies designed to catch the very few bad apples. And enable them to take on versatile roles.
  • Provide them with creative license to deliver new thinking and differentiating outcomes.
  • Eliminate the many shadow organizations and roles in project thinking that contribute to obfuscated communications, time delays, and CAPEX/OPEX waste.
  • Leverage business governance structures and rhythms to instill ownership, accountability, and agility.